Tririga and Maximo Services Provider

 An Aras Innovator and IBM Tririga and Maximo Partner


Sample Projects:

  • Implemented Tririga Portfolio Management to manage over 11,000 buildings for a US State Implementation.  Coordinated all data migration from legacy system.
  • Implemented Tririga Operations and Maintenance including Demand Maintenance and Preventative at a major government organization.
  • Implemented Tririga Lease and Capital Projects for a major bank.
  • Implemented Tririga Request/Move Management for a major Mortgage Company
  • Implemented Tririga Portfolio Management for a large metro Archdiocese
  • Implemented Tririga Asset Management at a major DC government agency
  • Implemented Tririga Lease Administration at a Major Credit Card Company
  • Implemented Tririga Service Management at a major windows manufacturer
  • Implemented Tririga Service Management at a major pharmaceutical company
  • Implemented Maximo at a major utility company for service