An Aras Innovator and IBM Tririga and Maximo Partner


RAINTECH Services knows Aras Innovator better than anyone – we invented the product!

In 2017 Forrester Research named Innovator a leader in the PLM market, citing its configurability, fast implementations, scalability and ease of upgrade.

Aras Innovator is an open development platform which can be downloaded and tried free of charge.   Let RAINTECH help with proof of concept projects to take advantage of this flexible product for deploying web based applications.  The Platform was designed to allow for building of custom applications with minimal code.

Aras has used their own platform to develop and provide an out-of-the-box CMII compliant PLM solution,  document management, workflow with full life cycle management , revision control, Manufacturing Process Planning, Requirements Management, Technical Documentation Maintenance, Change Management, Bill of Material Maintenance, and Visual Collaboration.  There are integrations into existing CAD, ERP, ECAD, and Microsoft Office.

An Aras subscription provides support, free training, and a big differentiator, free upgrades.


Aras classroom facilities in Andover, MA and Detroit MI host training classes on PLM, system configuration, and application development and these classes are available free to subscribers based on availability.  Schedules are posted on the Aras web site.

No matter how much customization has been done to your aras application, the Aras upgrade team will keep your installation upgraded at no additional cost.  In today’s rapidly evolving technology, this is critical!  Every year new devices and new browsers emerge as leaders.  If you are stuck on older applications often upgrades are costly, time consuming and not done.  So customers remain on older versions and cannot take advantage of new technology.  Not with Aras!  All upgrades are free and guaranteed as part of your subscription.

Talk to RAINTECH Services today, a leading partner of Aras, about downloading, deployment, custom application development, and all of the unique Aras subscription benefits!